Human Trafficking Is happening Right Here

7,000 Signatures In 7 Days

Our Mission:

To create awareness about human trafficking through education and awareness campaigns. We develop, deliver and reinforce advocacy messages that promote basic rights and freedoms to which all human beings are entitled and, we share accurate and reliable information on the devastation of human life for profit.

Our Philosophy:

All human beings are born free and entitled to rights and freedoms set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We believe each person in our community is valuable and a safe community is one that takes responsibility for supporting its members. We believe love can transform communities.

Welcome! is dedicated to the life of Michele.

Michele lived in Ontario and was a loving mother. She worked as a dancer under the name "Alex" at a strip club. Michele was sexually exploited by "managers" and after years of violence and feeling like there was no escape, took her own life in 2012. Michele had hopes, dreams and wishes which were destroyed when she was trafficked. She will not be able to tell her truth, but her life was not in vain.

Stacy, a person who survived human trafficking, was friends with Michele. She tried tirelessly to "get her out" and get her help. Stacy's motivation for sharing her story is the hope she will be able to create awareness of sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is not a "victimless crime" and not a "choice".

It is important to have exit strategies for persons who have been victim of sex trafficking. It is necessary to have long term support services for those have experienced violence.

To petition for increased funding for post care, Stacy and I will be traveling across Ontario, visiting 7 of Ontario's largest cities. It is our goal to collect 7,000 signatures in 7 days (August 22th-28th).

Prior to that, in Nova Scotia (from July 29th to August 1st) I will be walking from Halifax to Moncton to create awareness of Human Trafficking trends in the region. It may surprise many people to learn that Atlantic Canada has been identified as a starting point for trafficking especially sex trafficking, which primarily affects females and disproportionately affects aboriginal communities.

Please take time to explore these campaigns and share so we can create positive change in our communities.

Warm Regards,

Lia Renaud

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